Our Brand

Al Tayf Company was established in 2014 and began production in 2019 of various milk and dairy products under the Candia brand.
Over the past years, Al Taif has provided various distinguished milk and dairy products, taking quality as its slogan in order to provide the best products to the Palestinian market using international standards for the various stages of production.
Candia relies on its approved and studied Palestinian milk farms to obtain the finest fresh milk.
All production, packaging and quality inspection processes are carried out by highly qualified Palestinian workers and experts.
To provide the Palestinian market with 100% Palestinian products, with international quality and standards.


Candia’s mission:


  • Producing liquid milk and other dairy specialties of high quality with certified origin and rigorous controlled process
  • Respecting the nature preserving as much as possible, the good taste and the nutritional qualities of the milk
  • Meeting every consumer’s need in all stages of life for  good health, well-being and happiness


Candia’s values:


  • GENEROSITY: Tasty milk in different packaging
  • PROXIMITY: Multi-Channels Brand
  • COMMITMENT: Environment, care brought to our cows
  • INNOVATION: Innovation since more than 40 years 


Candia’s Milk Quality: