Our Brand

Candia, a brand for the whole family since 1971


Candia belongs to Sodiaal, the 1st French dairy cooperative, collecting 4.7 billion liters of milk from 20 000 farmers.


As the #1 Milk brand in France, Candia has for almost 50 years placed itself at the service of its consumers, developing its know-how to offer them the best quality milk, adapted to the needs of each member of the family, satisfying their wills.

Born 1971, Candia has become the leader of the French market, thanks to always original initiatives that have marked milk history: UHT bottles, bricks with caps, flavoured milk, vitamin enriched milk, toddlers’ milk…

Since then, creativity and innovation are deep inside the brand DNA, which offers a wide range of milks.


Candia’s mission:


  • Producing liquid milk and other dairy specialties of high quality with certified origin and rigorous controlled process
  • Respecting the nature preserving as much as possible, the good taste and the nutritional qualities of the milk
  • Meeting every consumer’s need in all stages of life for  good health, well-being and happiness


Candia’s values:


  • GENEROSITY: Tasty milk in different packaging
  • PROXIMITY: Multi-Channels Brand
  • COMMITMENT: Environment, care brought to our cows
  • INNOVATION: Innovation since more than 40 years 


Candia’s Milk Quality: