Marking the National Product Day National Beverage Company  and Candia sponsor the Consumer Protection Society’s Activities
Marking the National Product Day  National Beverage Company  and Candia sponsor the Consumer Protection Society’s Activities




Under the patronage of the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) and AL-Tayf Dairy and Food Products Company “Candia”, the Consumer Protection Society launched the events of the National Product Day at the Palestine Technical University Kadoorie – Ramallah, which coincides with the first of November of every year.  The launch took place in the presence of Major General Jibril Rajoub, Prof Joltan Hijazi, Director of  Ramallah Branch of the Palestine Technical University Kadoorie, Mrs. Manal Farhan, Undersecretary of the Ministry of National Economy, Mr. Salah Hanieh, Head of the Palestinian Society for Consumer Protection, and Mr. Rami Afaneh, Manager of Human Resources at  NBC, and other local companies. 

AL-Tayf Dairy and Food Products Company “Candia” took part in the event with a special and distinctive booth at the Palestinian National Products Fair, which was held during the conference. Many Palestinian companies showcased their products, as part of the Palestinian Society for Consumer Protection’s activities and events held on the occasion of the National Product Day.

During the event, Major General Jibril Rajoub, Secretary General of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization said: “We are delighted to talk about the national product which is the real backbone of the national economy”. Rajoub said that everybody is responsible for building a Palestinian national economic cornerstone capable of providing goods at a reasonable price and with premium quality. Rajoub noted that such events are paramount, especially for the youth. Rajoub commended the Palestinian companies and the Palestinian Society for Consumer Protection for their relentless efforts to improve the quality of the products made in Palestine, and emphasized the importance of joining forces and enabling a favorable climate and a safety network for the Palestinian companies that meet the peoples’ needs and give priority to the production standards.

Prof. Joltan Hijazi, Director of Ramallah branch of the Palestine Technical University Kadoorie said: “we get together at this event to interpret our national aspirations, represented in reinforcing our production base and national economy and strengthening the confidence of the Palestinian people in general and the youth in particular”. This event is a part of a chain of events hosted, and will be hosted, in the Palestine Technical University Kadoorie, being a national university and a leading public academic institution that works on providing outstanding education to prepare competent graduates”. Hijazi noted that this event is necessary to build the intellectual awareness required to reshape the minds of the Palestinian students about the importance of supporting the products made in Palestine.

In her message to the Palestinian youth, Mrs. Manal Farhan, Undersecretary of the Ministry of National Economy, said: “Make the Palestinian products as your first choice”. She indicated the importance of supporting the products made in Palestine, which will contribute in creating employment opportunities for the youth in the Palestinian factories. Farhan added: “Ten years ago, our goal was to increase the market share of the national products to 25%, but today, we managed to push it to 40%, while some products reached 86% of the market share. Further, our national products are now available in 80 countries”.

Mr. Rami Afaneh, Manager of Human Resources at NBC, said: “The National Product Day is very important to us as a national company, and we are interested in celebrating, and taking part in, its events”. He noted that launching the National Product Day as an annual national day is an outstanding step for the national products, as launching annual events to mark this occasion represents an opportunity to encourage the Palestinian consumers to buy the products made in Palestine, and consequently increasing their market share, and contributing in improving the consumers’ awareness and confidence in the quality of the national products and goods, as it represents an open invitation to buy and support the national products.”

Mr. Afaneh noted: “our commitment to support the national products will contribute to increasing their market share and promoting the production towards creating new employment opportunities for the youth, which we aim to achieve through our commitment to support all the activities and events that reinforce the national products.” He stressed the necessity of taking actions to support and develop the national product to attain its real market share in Palestine, especially that the imported products still have a considerable share in the Palestinian market.”

Mr. Salah Hanieh, Head of the Palestinian Society for Consumer Protection, said: “this year, we hold our National Product Day event at the Palestine Technical University Kadoorie, out of our belief that the partnership with the youth student movement is the key to success in supporting and encouraging the Palestinian products and giving them preference in the consumer basket. Today we experience rough economic conditions, mainly reflected in the fall in the purchasing power among the people of Palestine, and the decreased GDP, which requires financial and economic policies specially customized to address this situation so that these tough times are over with the least losses.”

Mr. Hanieh noted: “On this day, our activities are intended to raise the awareness of our people about the fact that the national products have a competitive edge, and high-quality specifications that satisfy the desire of the consumers. The Palestinian Society for Consumer Protection is committed to check the products and ensure that they conform to the specifications and standards, in order to present the best quality products”. Hanieh extended thanks to the NBC, being the main sponsor, the partner companies that showcased their products, and to Palestine Technical University Kadoorie – Ramallah for hosting the National Product Day events.”