Our Success Story

Our story started with you back then in 2014, we began our production process by producing Fresh Milk in the first phase in 2019, followed by the full production of variety of products in 2020. Our manufactory is located in Tulkarm City, Kufur Zeibad Area. Our factory contains high technology machines, high quality management, and highly-trained staff. Our main focus is to produce and deliver high-quality dairy products in the Palestinian market with our 100% Palestinian production process, staff and team. In addition, all our production producers and mechanisms are environment-friendly.

Currently, we offer 39 different products and sizes. Our products range from: Milk, Laban, Labneh, Flavored Milk, White Cheese, Sour cream, to Candia Up. Our family and product range is expanding each day until we reach everyone in the Palestinian market and satisfy almost every taste. Our main goal is to satisfy a range of customer segments by offering variety of products that target each preference and choice. We in Candia Family want to be a part of your daily live and next to you in each meal or snack.