Sponsored by National Beverage Company and Al-Tayf Company,

The Consumer Protection Coalition launches the Events of the Palestinian Product Day

Ramallah – Alhayat Economic – The Palestinian Consumer Protection Coalition launched the events of the Palestinian Product Day as approved by the Palestinian Government to be organized on the 1st day of November every year.  The events have been performed under the sponsorship and participation of the National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/ Cappy (NBC) and Al-Tayf Dairy and Food Products.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, the Palestinian Product Day for this year has limited its events to propagating videos generally focused on the importance of supporting the Palestinian products, especially products with high quality, which have provided an important motive to show consumers their quality, such as the dairy products, raw milk, aluminum, meat industry and Dead Sea salts, in addition to other sectors such as pottery and glass, sanitary ware, cattle farms, mineral oil, juices and dates.

Mr. Salah Hanieh, Coordinator of the Palestinian Consumer Protection Associations and President of the Consumer Protection Society in the region of Ramallah and Al-Bireh, stated that “with the ongoing Covid-19 circumstances we are experiencing and in pursuance to the approved medical protocols and measure, we decided to organize the events of the Palestinian Product Day virtually this year in order to control the spread of the virus.  The events will include showing awareness videos, distributing awareness posters and flyers enclosed with Al-Ayyam newspaper to encourage the consumers to purchase the national products.  The Facebook pages of the Society will be use and provided with awareness publications and media.

Mr. Hanieh also indicated that the primary goal of the Consumer Protection Society was to focus through those events on the quality and methods of development of the Palestinian products used by the consumers, so as to achieve economic progress across all sectors.  He added that the Society was established in 2010 to support and assist the government efforts in support national products. He confirmed that it was important to often update the list of the Settlements’ products in order to enforce the measures to control their market and raise the awareness of the consumers about their risks, as well as supporting the national products as better alternatives.

Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC, confirmed that the Company has continued to support and sponsor all initiatives and launch awareness-raising campaigns over the past years, including participation in sponsoring the Palestinian Products Day of this year. Such support  is provided because we believe in the great role of the Consumer Protection Coalition in making the consumer aware of their rights, the quality of national products in the Palestinian market, as well as the various options offered by the different sectors; whether food or industrial sectors.

Mr. al-Hindi added, “It is very important to have a board or institution, such as the Consumer Protection Society, to encourage the citizens to buy the Palestinian products having the potentials to compete with imported products and other products in international markets, and that conform to the Palestinian and international quality standards. This would increase the consumer confidence in the national products, in addition to boosting their share in the basket of Palestinian consumer”.

Mr. al-Hindi also explained that “NBC policy, vision and goals have always endeavored to offer a variety of options with international specifications, produced by Palestinian hands for the Palestinian consumers, who deserve products with high-quality and excellence”.