NBC and PTU Kadoorie signed an agreement



To enhance the students’ skills and qualifications

National Beverage Company and PTU Kadoorie signed a Mutual Cooperation Agreement



Ramallah – The National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy (NBC) signed an agreement with Palestine Technical University Kadoorie, to solicit students of the Integrated Education College among the staff of NBC/ Cappy and Al-Tayf Dairy & Food Products to be trained during their terms of study.

The Mutual Cooperation Agreement was signed at main office of NBC, in the presence of Mr. Imad al-Hindi, General Manager of National Beverage Company Coca-Cola/Cappy, Al-Tayf Dairy & Food Products, Dr. Mukaram Abbas, Dean of Integrated Education College, PTU, Mr. Mohammed Jallad, PR Manager of the Integrated Education College, PTU, and Mr. Rami Afaneh, HR Manager of NBC.

Mr. al-Hindi, General Manager of NBC and Al-Tayf Dairy & Food Products, said that this Agreement is the core of NBC vision in supporting education in Palestine to enhance the youth role and status in the labor market.  He stated that the Company has always endeavored to integrate youth and enable them to establish their own business and refine their experience through effective practical training simultaneously with their study time.

Mr. al-Hindi also indicated that supporting Palestinian universities and students is a priority of NBC, stressing that the "Palestinian Student" can access labor market holding all tools and means necessary to start production, providing the national economy with qualified resources to ensure ongoing production enhancement. Mr. al-Hindi considered students training at NBC/ Cappy and Al Tayf Dairy as a continuity of a mission commenced by NBC, since its inception, in supporting Palestinian educational institutions and students’ initiatives to ensure promotion and upgrade of education.  He emphasized that NBC is available to students in order to gain experiences through HR and practical training.

Dr. Mukaram Abbas, Dean of Integrated Education College highly appreciated the role of NBC and Al-Tayf Dairy & Food Products in contributing with any positive impact on students' future; she considered the agreement goal is to achieve integration between academic study and labor market requirements. Dr. Abbas stated that such agreement will guarantee the application of best global models in cooperative education and dual studies sector, which results in resolving unemployment problem and raising students' readiness for work through preparing cadres capable to deal in technological and technical fields. Dr. Abbas also manifested that this cooperation (Mutual Cooperation Agreement) will commence with training of six students of (Major) Integrative Industrial Automation at NBC/ Cappy and Al Tayf Dairy.

Integrative Education Scheme is a system combining between theoretical learning and practical application thereof; as first launched in 2019 at Kadoorie University under the name "My Career (Mehnaty)", where student will access labor market among four training periods of six months total distributed on four semesters; Scheme includes various majors / specialties, Bachelor of Civil Engineering and Sustainable Facilities, Bachelor of Automotive Engineering, further to Diploma of Industrial Automation, Diploma of Internal Design and Décor, and Diploma of Technical Accounting.

As part of a strategy to support the education sector and youth groups, NBC was keen to support educational institutions through supplying necessary equipment, such as computer labs, distributing bags to students, working on providing scholarships for students, besides signing several Mutual Cooperation agreements with Palestinian universities.